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August 24, 2009

Some Super Fabulous Engagement Bling

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As you may have noticed if you’ve caught some of my earlier posts as well as my work on the now-defunct AJSgems blog, I’m one of those people who just loves jewelry. I can go into a fine jewelry store just to look… to ask questions and to learn more about colors and cuts.

It’s not all about owning it… because I don’t have much… it’s about the beauty of the stones… the intensity of the colors… the way a different cut can transform a stone… the combination of metals and gemstones that are worthy (IMO) of a moment of appreciation. Just as you might for a classic painting, stunning bit of architecture or a fine wine.

Which is why I was thrilled to come upon the wonderful piece in HELLO! Magazines‘ Brides section featuring photos of the engagement rings of today’s royals. What a great glimpse into the jewels of today… especially since these pieces will be worn day in, day out by these women.

As you’d expect, there are some jaw-dropping diamonds and other precious stones to be admired. There’s white gold and standout platinum shining along with the smiles of the engaged couple. And while I love the incredible jewels, photos like these are a reminder that there is a small but significant segment of this world that lives in a manner most of us can’t even begin to imagine.

What’s more, they don’t even know we exist.

I suppose it’s always been so… and always will be… I can only blame that pesky, refusing-to-be-silenced, “American dream” ideal for making me think otherwise. Funny how ideals like this, without our even realizing it, get into our very being and then won’t be dislodged… even when confronted with reality.

But enough of that… my point today is that if you enjoy looking at fine (all right, completely unattainable) jewelry as I do, take a look through the ten photos you’ll find here and see the stunning bling for yourself. You might never wear it, but at least you’ll know its out there!


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