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August 21, 2009

Poll: Do You Like The Change From Sci-Fi to SyFy?

Filed under: Daily Life,General Stuff — Susan Morgan @ 6:37 pm

It’s so reassuring to see that there are others who stop and think about some of the same (some would say irrelevant) things I do…

The most recent source of lingering annoyance for me came this past July with the change of name of one of my go-to channels. All of a sudden it was good bye cool, sensible Sci-Fi, and hello to awkward looking, nerdy, though copyrightable SyFy. I don’t want to imagine greater… I was doing just fine before thank you, and as a writer I feel some bit of responsibility to the English language… a feeling obviously not shared by the execs in the world of network television.

I can’t see myself getting used to the new “brand” anytime soon… it just seems goofy… alien. According to the network the idea is to represent a broader mix of programming… but it seems also to apply an added layer of dorkiness sci-fi fans hardly need.

At least I can take comfort in the fact that there are other highly observant souls out there who see fit to comment on these matters. Consider the exceptional piece by AJ DiChara (Sci-Fi Channel’s New Name— sly or fly?). I love the poll at the end, and encourage anyone interested to take it.

Not that it will change anything mind you… those savvy execs over at the network aren’t aware of, or worried by, any dis-satisfaction with the new look.

But if you’re struggling (or you like) the new look, cast your vote here, it’ll make you feel better.


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