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February 12, 2009

Mercury Isn’t The Only Retrograde In Town

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While messenger Mercury gets all the attention when it comes to retrograde motion — the appearance of moving backward in the sky from our viewpoint here on Earth — most people don’t realize that all the other planets (except the Sun and Moon) have retrograde periods as well. To understand retrogrades, it’s best to view them as a cycle that begins as a planet slows down and comes to a stop (that station) and includes the time spent moving in the opposite direction, as well as the slowdown and stopping points that send the heavenly body forward once more.

retrogradeeagainThink of the planet as the what, but the tone of the retrograde comes from the sign occupied by the planet. If you were born with a retrograde planet (or planets) in your chart, than these periods will be especially important. As for the rest of us, the influence of a retrograde will have personal meaning only if it involves a planet that’s strong in your chart… Saturn for example. You may also feel the impact of the retrograde if the planet in question is moving over another planet or point in your own chart.

Retrogrades generally are periods when you need to slow down… as the planets above are doing. They are time of change… changes in things, in minds, in information and in people. The energy of the planets, quite literally, is reversed… turned inside out.

It sometimes seems the retrograde periods come before an event that feels inevitable or fated, perhaps especially related to the sign where the retrograde occurs. In the interest of fairness, let’s look at the other retrograde periods to come during 2009.

Let’s start with graceful, pleasure loving Venus…

Planet              How Often                     Period in 2009                     Sign                         

Venus            every 18 months            03/06 to 04/17                      15:27 Aries

When the goddess of love and beauty is backing up… the things Venus influences will be of less concern to the world. We may evaluate the real worth and the value of people and things in our life. People may dress with less style… and our color senses might be off. Redecorating now isn’t always wise, and this isn’t a time to buy clothing or fine jewelry, or make a change in makeup or hairstyle. Relationships slow down or if they begin now are stormy and short lived. Negotiations grind to a halt and it’s not the best time to get married or host a big event.

These are times when our values may be called into question. There can be betrayals, severing of a relationship or even public scandals. Sometimes these periods challenge us to go back and take care of unfinished business… deal with deep feelings that have their origins in the past.

Next is energetic, warrior god Mars…

Planet              How Often                     Period in 2009                     Sign                         

Mars               once every 2 yrs            12/20 to 03/10/10                19:42 Leo

The strength and direction of the will to achieve is certainly changed when this planet goes retrograde. When the red planet backs up it gives rise to irrational action, introspection, depression and self-assessment, sexual issues and possible conflict in relationships. Sometimes tempers can be uncertain and people get restless.

marsrxTrouble with authority, particularly male authority can be common during this time.

Your vitality may very well be depleted during this time, so it’s not a good idea to initiate, a new project, a new relationship, an argument or any conflict. In fact, slowing down in general is a good idea now. Anything started during this time is  at greater risk of fizzling out… going nowhere. You might also not want to buy anything mechanical… or at least not doing so without lots of insurance.

The solar system giant optimistic Jupiter goes retrograde…

Planet              How Often                     Period in 2009                     Sign                         

Jupiter            once a year                     06/15 to 10/12                     27:01 Aquarius

When naturally expansive Jupiter goes retrograde, the emphasis is on inner awareness and growth. It’s an excellent time to get in touch with personal integrity. Look at ways you might not be being honest with yourself… or playing a role that’s disloyal to who you really are.

jupiterExpansion often runs into problems… sure things aren’t so certain anymore. Sometime the things we think we need are removed from our lives under this influence, the end result being beneficial to us moving forward.

Sometimes this period brings an event that reminds you of a time when you had better perspective. It’s an excellent time to pursue Jupitarian projects like returning to school, taking a trip you’ve postponed or making a connection to a long, lost friend. Due to the spiritual cast of this particular retrograde, it may not be the best time to start material projects.

Taskmaster Saturn has been retrograde since the start of 2009…

Planet              How Often                     Period in 2009                     Sign                         

Saturn            once a year                     12/31/08 to 05/17                21:46 Virgo

During retrograde motion, Saturn slows down the regular rate of activity so that better methods and strategies can be created. It can make us work with extra effort, think deeply… no rushing or shortcuts. Now’s the time to go back and solidify past commitments made, projects started or responsibilities undertaken — only deal with issues from the past, don’t take on new things (especially new businesses) now.

Upsets and delays are often a normal part of life… there may be extra responsibility or demands for your time. Re-evaluate and be open to new ways to structure your inner world. Sometimes you may find yourself facing an inescapable dilemma.

Weed out any sources of frustration now and understand how much you can do before you start to feel frustrated, trapped or confined.

Uranus, erratic and independent goes retrograde…

Planet              How Often                              Period in 2009            Sign                         

Uranus           5 months of every year          07/01 to 12/01            26:37 Pisces

When retrograde Uranus is more potent, the energy builds to a point and then explodes into the outer world. Expect the unexpected… sudden shifts and reversals. This period stimulates deep psychological investigation and analysis. Tap into your innermost creativity for new ideas. Rebelliousness can be intense and sometimes misdirected. Sometimes urges to be free are reawakened, though it’s best just to be aware of these urges at this time, not to act on them.

This period can see a wild side set free, or turn a shy person into an engaging extrovert, the shifts will amaze and maybe amuse you. Look for things to bring the complete opposite, or no effect at all.

Dreamy Neptune wants to dissolve boundaries and will be retrograde this year…

Planet              How Often                              Period in 2009            Sign                         

Neptune        5 months of every year          05/28 to 11/04             26:29 Aquarius

When Neptune backs up it causes boundaries between reality and illusion are blurred; there’s a sensitivity that’s much more acute, and we can see further than normal. Perhaps our intuition or inner vision is stronger and allows a more insightful perspective on things. Delusions are possible a


nd this can be a time that’s dangerous for decision-making as you may be unrealistic in your optimism.

Logic is often trumped by intuition and feelings during these times… and you can listen to that voice now. You might notice and pay more attention to dreams, or simply explore a creative outlet. As the planet of make believe, these periods sometimes bring shifts in film and television.

During this time we’re better able to pick up illusions, and find out about issues that have eluded us at other time.  Listen to your inner voice, though Neptune retrograde can bring a sort of psychic overload for very sensitive people. Avoid drugs, chemicals and stimulants during this time.

Lastly, lord of the underworld, powerful, intense Pluto goes retrograde…

Planet              How Often                              Period in 2009            Sign                         

Pluto               5 months of every year          04/04 to 06/11            03:18 Capricorn

During times when Pluto is retrograde you can see much more than normal, so it’s easy to get suspicious of others motives. The emphasis is always directed inward, toward the psyche or psychological patters that can affect the body. The regenerative powers of this sub-planet are far greater during retrogrades.

Fresh starts and dead ends often are part of retrograde Pluto… destruction and rebuilding, regeneration. Sometimes what we hold most tightly can suddenly be taken, and we are at the mercy of heavy forces that our outside our control. The forces of war, weapons and upheaval.

ac-0044You might find yourself letting go — so of an intern al house cleaning. We have an intense power of investigation now, and can use this to look at recurring patterns in our lives that make us feel out of control. Use this time to get more control over your personal life.

As you can see the outer planets stay retrograde for some months, in fact, you have one retrograde planet in your chart even as you read this. In a personal chart, the aspects to the outer planets make to the personal planets or points are key. Further study on your own, or a consultation with a professional astrologer can help you uncover the opportunities and challenges of retrograde periods in your own life.


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