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March 12, 2008

Women Today Set A Sorry Example

I was so impressed with the contents to two columns I read today, both covering leading women of our times, that I had to post the links here. If you have a chance, check them out.

The first is The Emperor’s Wife by Debra J. Saunders, and it touches on the question I’ve always had… Why do those women stand up there beside the husband who suddenly finds himself “a gay American” or a philanderer? Don’t they have any pride???

The second, equally good read is Desperate White Housewives by Kathleen Parker. You’ll come away with a well rounded take on the two women in the Democratic presidential nomination race (one being Hilary Clinton, the other being Michelle Obama) and their places in the relationship they have with their spouses. It seems a cold, lonely existence and I’m saddened that some women (who’ve had every advantage and full benefit of feminism) will accept these restrictions uncomplainingly.

Maybe we haven’t come that far after all…  

I know, for myself, when I see things like this it makes me angry at feminism and all it’s empty promises. We might delude ourselves and think we’ve come so far, but as these two writers point out — things haven’t really changed that much. Except now women are “entitled” to equal work… equal education, but are in no way equal in terms of respect or any true sharing of power.

And a woman in the White House, whether she be First Lady or President, isn’t going to change this one bit.  


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