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February 6, 2008

In A Perfect World, Our Next President Would Be…

With Super Tuesday over and the 2008 election season in full swing, candidates on both sides are making promises we know they won’t keep, proposing programs they have no idea how to manage and hurling scornful accusations at each other with equal abandon, I don’t think I’m alone is saying I’m sick of the lot of them.

I know it’s not rational, but what I want is one of those Presidents you see in the movies or on television. You know the ones. the wise older leader, honorable, heroic, decisive. The kind of person who can throw bad guys out of Air Force One as its in flight and still keep his tie on. I think of characters played by Harrison Ford… Morgan Freeman… even Martin Sheen… That’s the leader I want.

Of course I can’t have him… he doesn’t exist. Which stinks. I’ll amuse myself by listing the qualities I wish I could find in the current crop of candidates. Here goes, I want a leader who…

    • is known to be an honorable man (or woman) with a conscience.
    • has worked some significant amount of time in the dreaded “private sector” before entering public life.
    • knows the price of bread and milk, a gallon of gas, a college education.
    • has ties to family and friends that have stood the test of time.
    • is a man (or woman) of his (or her) word.
    • knows how to compromise to get things done when necessary; when to stand your ground and draw a line in the sand.
    • has a quick, open mind and a willingness to look at all sides of an issue.
    • respects my freedom to worship and live as I choose.
    • doesn’t listen (or listens as little as you can in today’s political world) to polls and focus groups.
    • has not been bought and paid for.
    • respects my rights to free speech, my own body and my property.
    • secures our borders, makes our immigration process sensible and fair while still preserving the born-here rights of citizens.
    • believes the U.S. has nothing to apologize for in this world, but as the remaining superpower we could use our resources more effectively to deliver real help where its needed most.
    • protects us from all threats, foreign and domestic, without taking away our rights and freedoms.
    • has a sense of humor, and enough irrepressible quirks to keep the late night TV hosts flush with material.
    • has a hobby, a passion for something other than being President.
    • respects equally the environment and the rights of business and commerce and tries to strike a balance.

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