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September 14, 2006

Astrology For Non-Astrologers II

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The Moon And You
At one time or another all of us have looked up into a clear night to be captivated by the silvery light of the Moon against the velvet black of a twinkling sky.

She travels around the Earth in a predictable 29 and 1/2 day cycle, just as she has for thousands of years. The influence of our closest astrological neighbor can be felt in the world’s oceans, the magnetic field of our atmosphere, the behavior patterns of both plants and animals, and in our own bodies — 70% of which is water.

In a personal sense the Moon is all about emotion.Astrologers give special significance to the Moon — and many place it second only to your Sun sign in terms of importance in a personal horoscope. The Moon is said to rule your emotions, your intuition, your ability to nurture, your home and your relationship with your nurturing parent. But that’s not all, see the list below.

The best, most accurate way to find your Moon sign is to use one of the many chart calculators you’ll find on the internet. Astrolabe has a great one, but there are others you can find online as well.  

Once you know your Moon sign, you can begin reading descriptions of how the Moon operates in that sign. You’ll find these in many popular astrology texts, or you can use the online variety.

You’ll want to read many different interpretations, so that you get a well rounded picture of how the energy of the Moon is expressed in your personal situation. 

Remember, no sign is all good… or all bad. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your Moon sign can give you insights you can use to gain understanding and make positive changes for yourself and those around you.

Also under the influence of the Moon…
• Babies
• Bakers and bakeries
• Bars and bartenders
• Baths
• Breasts
• Cafes
• Childbirth
• Cleaning
• Collections and collectors
• Dairy’s
• Domestic life
• Ferries
• Fish
• Fortunetellers
• Furniture
• Germination
• Homes
• Houseboats
• Kitchens
• Land
• Landscape gardeners
• Lamps
• Mariners
• Midwifes
• Monday
• Nurses
• Oceans
• Pantries
• Procreation
• Public opinion
• Reproduction
• Water pipes
• Water related occupations
• Women

Timing too can be influenced by the Moon.
Beyond the personal issues in individual charts, astrologers believe the Moon can be used to help with the timing of important actions — from one-time events like starting a business or getting married, to more everyday things like shopping or adopting a pet.

You don’t need to be an astrologer to do this. You just need to understand how the phases of the Moon are thought to effect us here on Earth.

The New Moon
The cycle begins when the Sun and Moon are in the same degree of the same zodiac sign. After the first 12 hours, this period represents a time of growth and development. Use the combined energy of the Sun and Moon to bring things to you and finalize plans you’ve set in motion.
In general it is a good time to turn your energy on anything that you want to increase in your life.

First Quarter
The Sun and Moon are square, or 90 degrees apart as this phase begins. This time represents growth, development and the expression of things that already exist, whether you’ve just created them, or they’ve been building for some time.

Full Moon
Emergency rooms and police dispatchers report this as an active time, and it can be a time of great unrest. But it can also be a period of illumination, completion and using what we have created. Astrologers also see this as a period of maturity, fulfillment and fruition.

Last Quarter
Here the Sun and Moon are 90 degrees apart once again. This is a period of disintegration, drawing back, reflecting on the past, and clearing out what no longer serves. You may feel tired or blue.

Generally, this is the time to focus on things that you want to decrease in your life.

The Moon’s sign helps set the mood.
The Moon stays in one sign anywhere from 2 to 3 days. During this time, if you watch carefully, you’ll see the energy of a certain zodiac sign playing out around you.

For example, an Aries Moon is active and energetic, with lots of ideas but not a lot of follow through. A Scorpio Moon on the other hand, is intense and emotional, a good time for doing research and discovering secrets.

Astrologers believe that certain Moon signs favor one action over another. A Sagittarius Moon is believed to be great for travel… a Cancer Moon ideal for family get-togethers.

For a very extensive list of actions and the signs that favor them, consider checking out a copy of Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Book.

Aspects add another planet into the mix.
As the Moon moves through the sky overhead, she also makes connections, known as aspects, to the other planets in our solar system. The more favorable aspects use the energy of both to support and enhance the other. They work easily together.

Favorable Aspects: = go for it!
Trines — Moon and another planet 120 degrees apart
Sextiles — Moon and another planet 60 degrees apart
Conjunctions — Moon and another planet (not Mars or Pluto) within 10 degrees

Good aspects go bad when the aspect is made to a retrograde planet (one that looks to be backing up from our point of view here on Earth). If this is the case, it can signal an unexpected or disappointing outcome… doesn’t mean you can’t do something, but proceed with caution.
The aspects considered unfavorable bring out the worst in each planet involved. There are times when this energy can be used for positive ends, but it’s never easy.

Unfavorable Aspects = you might want to wait a bit…
Oppositions — Moon and another planet 180 degrees apart
Squares — Moon and another planet 90 degrees apart

A strange name for a strange time.
It’s called the void-of-course Moon… an oddity of geometry and astronomy that happens as the Moon is about to change signs. The Moon is considered void-of-course when she has made her last aspect to a planet, but is still in the remaining degrees of a sign.

This period can last a few moments, a few hours, or most of the day.
This is generally considered an unfavorable position, that brings unexpected outcomes (and not pleasant ones either) of actions begun under the VOC influence.

Things to avoid?
• business meetings
• major purchases
• elective surgery
• starting new projects
• first dates or job interviews

But, before you think of the VOC period as all bad, you can use this time productively too.

During a VOC Moon…
• routine goes easily
• clean out and clear away unwanted clutter
• return calls but don’t make plans for the future
• enjoy living in the moment

To identify void-of-course Moons, consult a moon table like the ones in Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Book. There are also online resources where you can find out more.

Last, but certainly not least…
Any use of the techniques discussed here, has at its core the understanding that no date is “perfect”. Astrology is all about potentials, not predictions.
If you’d like to put any of these techniques to work for an upcoming decision, contact a professional astrologer who is comfortable with electional astrology.

But bear in mind that the best astrologer will help you to identify cycles and best times, but will not offer hard-and-fast predictions or guarantees.

Because in the end, all the power rests with YOU!

Online Resources
Here are some great online resources if you want to learn more!

Cool Moon facts, maps and more at:

Find your Moon sign at:

Find an astrologer:


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